Pioneer GEX-1750DVB2 Multimedia Adapter

Price: $320 – $380

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Pioneer GEX-1750DVB2
Enjoy TV On The Go

HD DVB-T2 Digital TV Tuner. Enjoy high-definition video broadcast in the comfort of your car with Pioneer latest digital HD DVB-T2 TV Receiver, GEX-1750DVB2. Equipped with two active antennas, the GEX-1750DVB2 is able to receive up to seven local1 free-to-air channels, and can be operated from compatible2 Pioneer Multimedia Receivers’ touch panel, allowing users to access television programs seamlessly with the option to record the program in a compatible USB media for future playback.

  • The GEX-1750DVB2 is designed and built for usage in countries with compatible DVB-T2 broadcast.
  • Compatible Pioneer Multimedia Receivers with touch panels: AVH-X1550DVD, AVH-X2550BT, AVH-X4550DVD, AVH-X5550BT, AVH-X6550DVD, AVH-X7550BT, AVH-X8550BT, AVH-X1650DVD, AVH-X2650BT, AVH-X4650DVD, AVH-X5650BT, AVH-X8650BT, AVH-X1750DVD, AVH-X2750BT, AVH-X4750DVD, AVH-XL4750DVD, AVH-X5750BT, AVH_XL5750BT, AVH-X7750BT.


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  • Country Setting: Yes
  • Installation: Hide-away
  • RGB output for front display: Yes
  • Station Memory: Yes
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • IR-Sensor: Included
  • Antenna: 2 Input (F-Connector type)
  • AV Output:
    1 AUX AV Output (PAL/SECAM/Video & L + R Audio)
    1 HDMI Output
    1 RGB Output
    1 RCA (Video Only) Output for rear display
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 146 x 113 x 25 mm