Crimestopper SP-101 Alarm System

Price: $200 – $250

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The SecurityPlus SP-101 is our entry level security system that will provide a good layer of protection and added convenience over your vehicle. The system includes (2) Ultra-slim style 4-button transmitters with a 500 Ft. operating range, a single-stage, single-adjustment shock sensor, 20W high-power single-tone siren, LED light and valet switch, and a starter kill output. This state-of-the-art security system also includes the high-demand convenience feature of keyless entry.
  • (2) 4 button transmitters with 500 feet of range
  • Arm/lock – disarm/unlock
  • Double pulse unlock
  • Trunk release
  • Disarm with trunk release
  • Positive and negative door inputs
  • Starter kill option
  • Auxiliary negative input (hood or trunk)
  • Horn and siren outputs
  • Parking lights output
  • Dual stage shock sensor with adjustments


  • System Type: 1-way
  • Range: 500 ft.
  • Data Port: No
  • Remotes: (2) 1-Way 4-button transmitters
  • Security: Yes
  • Passive Arming: no
  • Keyless Entry: Yes
  • Driver’s Priority Unlock: No
  • Remote Start: No
  • Dome Light Supervision: No
  • Shock Sensor: Yes
  • Siren: Yes
  • Horn Honk Output: Yes
  • Starter Kill Output: Yes
  • Trunk Release: Yes
  • Auxiliary Outputs: 0
  • Carjack Protection: Yes
  • Remote Panic: Yes
  • Silent Arm/Disarm: Yes